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週末燃焼ヨガ/Weekend fat burning yoga

溜まった毒素解消を目指します/Reduce toxin from our bodies.

  • 1時
  • 1,000円


ヨガポーズの特にコアを必要とするポーズで汗をかくレッスンです。 ◼︎こんな方におすすめ ・フローで動きたい ・汗をかいてスッキリしたい ・運動不足である ・体幹を鍛えたい This is a class that will make you sweat with yoga poses that especially require your core for poses. ◼︎Friday ◼︎20:00-21:00 ◼︎IR yukako ◼︎Contents Aims to eliminate accumulated toxins. ◼︎Recommended for these people ・Those who want to move with flow ・Those who want to feel refreshed by sweating ・Those who lack exercise ・Those who want to train their core

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