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​How to reserve and cancel plans/tickets

​Reservations with plans and coupons

​①Click blue to reserve a lesson on the top right of the homepage

Rates, plans, and coupon pagesGo to​ and press the select button for the plan you want to purchase.


​③Register the ID pass.

Sign up or log in using your Google account, Facebook account, or email address.


​⑤Purchase confirmation

​A thank you page will be displayed and a reservation confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.


​②Choose your favorite lesson.

​Click the button to reserve your favorite lesson. If you would like to see lessons from the following week, please press the button next to the month.



​Please check the checkboxes for phone number, questionnaire, terms of use, etc., and select the plan you have purchased at the payment stage.


​Plan/coupon ticket reservation confirmation

​① Log in from the light blue login bar on the top right of the homepage.

​Please log in using your google, facebook, or email account using the method you registered.


​③Reservation status will be displayed.

The currently reserved lessons will be displayed.

Click the arrow to the right of the lesson you want to reschedule.


​⑤ Schedule change Cancellation confirmation

​If the date is changed, the reservation confirmation will be displayed. You will receive a confirmation email for schedule changes and cancellations.


​②Click on the reservation confirmation page.



​④ Select schedule change or cancellation

​A button to display details and a button to change the schedule will appear on the right side. Please press the button to cancel or change your schedule.

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