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​Choose your style


The first experience is 1000 yen per person.

From the next time onwards, you can reserve lessons online whenever you like for 3,500 yen and pay each time. ​

​You can rent yoga mats and props for free.



[Monthly fee system]

We will secure you a seat in the class you want to attend one lesson. Each lesson costs less. Please apply by filling out the membership application form at the studio.

【Free Plan】

You can participate in the lessons of your choice at a discounted price with a free plan contract of 4 lessons per month or 12 lessons per 3 months.

​Members will receive the following benefits.

☑Secure a lesson slot (only for those on monthly tuition system)

☑Free water at every lesson

​☑Lesson price discount

​☑Yoga towel present (first come first served)



​1ヶ月 フリープラン




​3ヶ月 フリープラン




​Payment Method


​Local payment

■Credit card



■Transportation IC

Payment methods such as ​ are available.

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