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​ [Tokyo/Nakano] Maternity Yoga


Prenatal yoga

​Congratulations on your pregnancy.

There are so many things you don't know about your first pregnancy.

Along with happiness and joy, you may also feel confused and anxious about keeping up with the effects of your stomach and hormonal balance on your body, which change every week.

Even though I feel like I need to move my body for childbirth and postpartum,

I don't really know what movements to do while pregnant.

During pregnancy, posture is disturbed due to changes in the pelvis and center of gravity.

Muscle imbalance and breathing become shallow.

Proper care during pregnancy can also help speed up postpartum recovery.

Deep breathing while gently relaxing your body reaches the baby in your stomach,

This will help you develop a sense of paying attention to your body and baby during childbirth, which will help you have a smooth birth.

​What is maternity yoga?

pregnancy yoga

We will use yoga, breathing techniques, and relaxation to maintain your body as it changes during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a mother's body suffers from back pain, stiff shoulders, fatigue and swelling due to insomnia.

We will prepare your mind and body with self-care yoga that approaches minor problems.

By targeting the muscles necessary for childbirth, you will develop the stamina necessary for childbirth.

Breathing is very important in yoga. The same goes for childbirth.

By practicing focusing on your breathing and focusing on your body during the lesson,

You will also learn to let go of unnecessary strain and accept things as they are.

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Prenatal yoga

・I want to maintain the muscle strength necessary for childbirth and help with postpartum recovery.

・I want to eliminate minor problems such as back pain, stiff shoulders, fatigue due to lack of sleep, and swelling.

・I want to find ways to breathe and consciously relax and use them during childbirth.

・I want to adjust my pelvis and posture to feel comfortable.



・After 16 weeks of pregnancy

・Have permission to exercise from a doctor

・Be in stable physical condition

​・Agree to the studio's participation agreement

After you take prenatal yoga lesson.​

・Resolves minor problems such as stiff shoulders, back pain, and swelling

- Breathing techniques can help you relax. Also for relieving lack of sleep

・Relief of anxiety

・Develop the muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina necessary for childbirth

・Connect with your baby by taking time to focus on your tummy

​・Helps the recovery of the stomach and body after giving birth

​・You can exchange information with pregnant mothers

​Customer feedback

■I was happy that by using various auxiliary items, I was able to comfortably perform poses that I had gradually become unable to do.

I was moved by each and every kind voice.

Thank you baby for your hard work.

Even in my growing uterus

This made me realize that.

​Thank you for the wonderful time.

​Mom pregnant with first child

■I was surprised to learn that the stretching I was doing on my own might be causing my body pain.

​It was nice to stretch out my body for the first time in a while.

​ 8 months pregnant mom with second child

​ ■I stretched my body for the first time in a while! I can breathe easier now.

The baby seemed to feel good during the yoga and was moving around in the stomach a lot.

​8 months pregnant with first child


​Studio Tuesday 14:00-15:00

Prenatal yoga instructor CHIHIRO


Working as a flight attendant for a foreign company in Hong Kong, he became ill due to his irregular lifestyle.


I started doing yoga to manage my stress and physical condition.

I am drawn to yoga because it allows me to face myself and relax my mind.


Take various yoga classes around the world

(After discovering yoga, my physical condition improved and I began to focus on stress management.)

Relax your mind and body by doing yoga together,

I became a yoga instructor because I wanted to connect with small daily happiness.

After giving birth to a boy in 2019 and a girl in 2022, I realized how difficult it is to do the housework that everyone does and to become a mother.

During prenatal and postnatal periods when the physical and mental balance is likely to be disrupted.

I want you to spend your daily life as light as possible through yoga.

We hold lessons for mothers.


American Yoga Alliance RYT200 certified

Bliss Baby Postnatal Yoga TT (Bliss Baby Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training completed)

Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga TT (Bliss Baby prenatal maternity yoga teacher training completed)


​Fees & Payment Methods

Studio            First trial 1000 yen

       fixed price 3000 yen/time 

You can purchase common coupon for prenatal and postnatal yoga on Pricing page.

*There are no joining fees or administrative fees.

​Cash on the day. You can pay by credit card or PayPal transportation IC children's gift certificate. (If you wish to use it, please be sure to bring it on that day.)

Children's gift certificate


 1F Dowell Nakano, 2-50-12 Honmachi, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012


Thanks for submitting!

​Q&A Frequently asked questions

Q: When can I participate during pregnancy?


After pregnancy is stable after 16 weeks and the pregnancy is progressing well. There is no need for written permission from your doctor, but please be sure to check with your doctor on your latest chekup, whether you can exercise. Please acknowledge and sign the terms of participation.

Q: My body is stiff, is that okay?

Defenetly! Even people with stiff muscle can participate. After your instructor guides you to the poses, you will be able to adjust the depth of the poses yourself. Prenatal yoga has many gentle poses because the purpose is not to deepen the poses or improving asanas, its for maintain muscle strength.​Always be conscious of keeping space in your stomach, focus on breathing, and hold simple poses where you feel comfort.

Q: Can I participate in Prenatal yoga even if I am new to yoga?

​ Even yoga beginners can participate in Prenatal yoga.

​Don't worry, we will go along with you while slowly explaining the points you need to pay attention to one by one.

Q: Are there joining fees, annual membership fees, and administrative fees?

Prenatal and Postnatal yoga is pay-as-you-go or multi-ticket(

coupon), so there are no joining fees or administrative fees.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear?

​Please come wearing bottoms that do not tighten your stomach and allow you to open your legs wide. We recommend maternity leggings or maternity pants made of soft fabric.

Q: Is it okay if my baby is breech?

​Even breech babies can participate.​ There are some poses that you should avoid. Please let the instructor know.

Q: How long can I attend  prenatal yoga class? Is it okay even if I am last month of pregancy.

​ Even those who are in their final month of pregnancy can participate. Maternity yoga is not available during the first trimester, but you can participate after 16weeks until you give birth with doctor permission.

QDo you have coupons?

​There is a common coupon for Prenatal yoga and postpartum yoga. There is no deadline and refunds are possible. 

QDo I need to make a reservation?

Advance reservations are required for all lessons. If you have made a reservation through the reservation site or wish to change your schedule, please change or cancel on booking site.

Q: Can I make a reservation on the day?

Same-day reservations are possible depending on availability. You can make a reservation once you have selected the date from the reservation site.

QCan I cancel on the day?

​Cancellations can be made up to 4 hours before lesson starts. Dates can be changed up to 1 hour in advance. In case of cancellation without notice, bookingh will be changed to another session.


Q: Is there a parking lot?

I'm sorry. There are no parking reservations, so please use a  coin parking near by.

Q: Do you rent yoga mats and props?

Rental of yoga mats, blocks, yoga belts, bolsters, and blanketsFree. We ask that you bring or rent a thin towel to lay on the rental swaddleSome people have one.

Q: Is it okay if I am late for the lesson?

Basically, we ask that you come to the studio and prepare in advance.


QIs there a changing room?

We have changing rooms available. You are responsible for taking care of your valuables, so please leave them nearby while attending the lesson.

QDo you have rental wear?

We are sorry, but we do not have rental wear available.

QDo you sell water?

We sell bottled water, so please ask our staff.

Q: What payment methods are available?

Cash, credit card, Pay pay, transportation IC, children's gift certificate (maternity, postpartum one-time lesson)You can pay with ​​.

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